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Maintaining Fresh Pre-roll Joints

Any cannabis consumer knows the importance of a pre-roll. They provide convenience, save time, and enhance storability. If you have to travel, hang out with your friends later for a smoking session, or you don't have the time, pre-roll joints allow you to enjoy cannabis without going through the rolling process every time. However, although pre-rolls are convenient and have high potency, they can become stale if you do not store them appropriately.

What is the shelf life for pre-rolls?

Like any other cannabis product, pre-rolls can become stale, lose potency, and become a danger to your health. When you expose them to moisture or leave them out in the open, they can grow molds or lose potency and flavor. However, that can take months, depending on how you store your pre-rolls.

How to store pre-roll joints

1. Joint cases

Joint cases are convenient because most of them come with other tools like the lighter, rolling paper, and storage for your cannabis extracts. They are small and can fit in a small bag or even your pocket. The joint cases are dry and airtight, which means you will not expose your pre-roll joints to moisture or air. However, most joint cases do not have a lid or zip to ensure potency. Therefore, ensure you find one that is not easy to open. Smoking Pretty has creative cases that can fit any style. You can purchase a blinged-out pre-roll joint case to enhance your storage and stand out among your stoner friends.

2. Mason jars

Glass mason jars can maintain the potency of your pre-roll for over three months. The mason jars are reliable for at-home storage and have space that allows you to store several joints. As long as you are using one with an airtight seal, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to storage. In addition, make sure your mason jar is not exposed to moisture because that can lead to mold.

3. Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags also allow you to store a large number of pre-rolls. They are airtight and can protect your joints from moisture. However, they do very little to protect your pre-rolls during transport; your joints may be prone to breakage or bending during transportation. Storing a half-smoked joint can also damage the plastic bag and let in air. Zip locks offer a cheaper solution for at-home storage.

Besides retaining flavor and potency, proper pre-roll storage also keeps it away from young children and your pets. Smokin Pretty has a wide range of pre-roll storage kits that can be customized to match your style.

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